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Everything you need to use your crystals for a happy and inspired life and to stay on your spiritual lightworking path.

With so much free crystal healing information available why would you need to join this club?

Great question...but read on because do you ever find that:

>> You're overwhelmed by the vast amount of free information available and its often contradictory nature. 

>> You're fed up of wasting hours of your time researching information. You've spent hours trying to collate it into a system that will enable you to learn all about your crystals but you still feel no further forward. You have no certificate or proof of all the hours and dedication you've shown.

Here's the problem:

>> Most free information will explain how to use your crystals but they don't SHOW you how to use your crystals. So if you don't fully understand or you have questions...tough...there is no support provided with your learning. There is no expert to ask questions of.

>> Most of the free information that is available on the internet or on social media is inaccurate or misses important information out. At best you are only given half the story or at worst you are given information that could leave you ungrounded and unwell.

>> Much of the information made available is by people who treat crystal healing as a hobby rather than a profession. You may have no idea about the credibility of the author of the information.

>> Unless you are using information provided by an Crystal Healing professional, and unless you 100% understand the information you are reading, how can you be confident enough to share your knowledge with your loved ones whom you want to help and not harm.

>> Reading free information or taking free courses isn't enough to teach you the practical application of crystal healing, to provide advice to loved ones and to use crystals for self-healing. It's also not enough for you to become a knowledgeable and confident user of crystals.

Imagine being able to:

>> Learn all about crystals and crystal healing in an easy, clear and organised manner. In an easy step-by-step fashion you'll learn all about the healing abilities of crystals, crystals for self-care and crystals for your spiritual journey.

>> Be SHOWN and GUIDED every step of the way so that you can SEE how to use your crystals rather than only understanding how to use them.

>> Have any crystal or crystal healing question answered by a professional crystal expert.

>> Through completion of the Crystal Healing Foundation course (a fundamental part of your Membership) earn Certification from an IPHM Accredited course.

>> Rest assured that the information you are learning is accurate and reliable as it is being taught by a trainer with 13 year experience, who is an Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO) practitioner and whose courses are accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

>> Heal yourself, your loved ones and friends with the power of crystals.

>> Live with passion and joy because you are spending time each week learning about, and using, these beautiful gifts from Mother Earth.

>> Learn how to use your crystals for self care and self love so you feel better about yourself, your life and you feel more in control of your life and how you respond to it.

>> Learn tools and techniques to help Lightworkers flourish.

>> Start, develop and maintain a spiritual practice using your crystals.

>> Progress on your crystal healing journey and train to become a Certified & Accredited Crystal Therapist should you choose.


This is what being a Member of the Starlight Crystals Club will do for you.



Everything You Need To Know To Become A Knowledgeable And Confident User Of Crystals, To Live A Happy And Inspired Life And To Stay On Your Spiritual Path.

The Starlight Crystals Membership Site is a monthly subscription service for anyone who wants to gain knowledge and confidence in using their crystals and who wants to have fun learning lots of new crystal healing techniques. 

It's how you grow a life you love ...

"Really enjoyed that can't wait for the rest xx"

Rosemary Lawson

What To Expect

This Membership isn't just about theory, each month there are a ton of exercises for you to experiment with. It is a very hands-on experience.

Subscribe to the Starlight Crystals monthly Membership Site for a low monthly investment of £9.99 per month and you will receive the following teachings each month on Crystals and Crystal Healing.

Crystal Healing Foundation Course

One module from my popular Crystal Healing Foundation Course so you can learn all about the 10 pieces of the Crystal Healing Jigsaw that will transform you into a knowledgeable and confident user of crystals.

Crystal Properties

Each month we'll look at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties of one crystal in great depth.

I'll also teach you a different crystal healing technique to use with that crystal, one that complements it perfectly, and helps you on your crystal journey.

Crystals for Self Care

Each month we will focus upon a different aspect of self care and how crystals can help with this particular area of development.

We will look at specific crystal healing techniques that you can use to move you into a place of self-love.

Crystals for Spiritual Practice

Using video training each month we'll look at a crystal healing practice to help you develop your spiritual practice and help you progress on your ascension pathway. This module will also be of great use to Lightworkers in their everyday lives.

"I love your style of delivery, you are making it easy to understand and giving us information in bite sized chunks."

Trish Flood

What type of teaching is included?

To give you an idea of the value that you will receive, below you can see the content of the first 3 months of your membership.

Month 1

This month you will receive the following video training:

  • The introductory module of the Crystal Healing Foundation Course. Learn all about colour, configuration and which crystals are must haves in your crystal healing kit. I also take you on a guided meditation so that you can determine the properties of any crystal.
  • All about the metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz and learn how you can programme this crystal to take on the properties of any other crystal.
  • How to use Rose Quartz to establish an emotional healing routine.
  • A guided meditation to allow you to discover your Ascension Crystal. An invaluable crystal for anyone on an ascension pathway and all Lightworkers.

Month 2

This month you will receive the following training:

  • Module 2 of the Crystal Healing Foundation Course which teaches you all about the history and modern day uses of crystals and crystal healing.
  • All about the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties of the wonderful Rhodochrosite. I also share with you a crystal healing technique using Rhodochrosite to increase feelings of self-worth.
  • How to start a self healing routine to set you on a path of self care and self love.
  • Video training on how to meditate with crystals.

Month 3

This month you will receive the following training:

  • Module 3 of the Crystal Healing Foundation Course. Learn all about how our crystals are formed.
  • Learn all about joyful and abundance attracting Citrine and the many ways in which this crystal can help you. I also show you a Citrine Crystal Ritual to attract more wealth into your life.
  • Learn all about affirmations for self-care and self-love and how by adding Moonstone to your routine you can super-charge those affirmations for faster and more powerful results.
  • Dive into the world of the 4th Dimension Chakras and learn how (and which) crystals anchor these chakras into our aura. Great for those on an Ascension pathway and Lightworkers alike.

Additional Exclusive Benefits

As part of the Starlight Crystals Membership community you will also receive:

  • Weekly inspirational emails to help you feel inspired, excited and supported

  • Access to a private Facebook Group only for Starlight Crystal Members and students of my Crystal Healing Foundation Course. In this group I hold weekly Facebook Live Training.

  • Access to me via your Membership Site and our Private Facebook Group to answer any and all of your crystal and crystal healing questions. 


These additional benefits alone are amazing value and I hope that you will be able to join us and become a part of our crystal community. 


"This is so much fun. The world of minerals is new to me, and your guidance is just what I needed. Great product. This has all the information and depth I was looking for. It is saving me hours and hours of time spent on the internet sorting through websites to try and figure this all out on my own."

Brooke Dilley
Brooke's view of the Crystal Healing Foundation Course content

Please note: you can cancel you subscription at any time through your Membership Account. Your subscription is priced at £9.99 per month.

This Membership Site contains the opinions and ideas of its author. It is intended to provide helpful and informative material on crystals and crystal healing as addressed throughout the material on the Site. It is sold with the understanding that the author is not engaged in rendering medical, health, or any other kind of professional services in this Membership Site. The listener should consult his or her medical, health or other competent professional before adopting any of the suggestions in this Site or drawing inferences from it. The author specifically disclaims all responsibility for any liability, loss, or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this Site.


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