Sarah Elizabeth Todd 

Meet Sarah

Hi. I’m Sarah, crystal healing teacher, writer and coach dedicated to helping women live happier, healthier and more spiritual lives.

If I was to describe you I’d say you’re a spiritual being who appreciates the value of complementary therapies to improve your health and well-being and you absolutely adore your crystals.

You want to know more and you want to learn more. And you want to be able develop a deeper connection to your crystals and gain a better understanding of the gifts they have to offer you.

But maybe
  • You have no idea of where to start, and find other websites on crystals and crystal healing overwhelming; there’s too much information in an unordered manner.
  • You have family or other commitments that means you find it difficult to sign up for courses that take place at specific dates/times in your local area.
  • You want to learn through a series of video tutorials and podcasts, and not just through written content.


No matter where you are on your crystal healing journey you want to know that there is more to learn and that you can easily access this information.

  • You want to know that you can conveniently learn how to use crystals for self care and to improve your health and well-being.
  • You’re interested in learning more advanced crystal healing techniques, building upon a solid foundation of Crystal Healing knowledge.
  • You’re really interested in helping our children navigate their way through life’s ups and downs using these safe and gentle techniques.
Sound like you? Perfect. You’re at the right place.

But maybe you are also looking to the future and these important years leading up to 2032. You want to play an active part in the transition of our planet into the 5th Dimension (5D). You are actively finding ways to ascend to a 5D way of living and you also want to help and work with the new generation of adults and children who are assisting us at this time (think Indigos, Rainbow & Crystal children, Starseeds, Lightworkers and Wayshowers).

No matter what your story and intentions around working with crystals, I believe that you deserve happiness and love and I’m determined to give you the tools and techniques to create these feelings in your everyday life. The gist of it is: you wish to learn more about crystals and crystal healing and I’m here to help you do so by providing valuable information in an easily accessible way.

My Story

My name is Sarah Elizabeth Todd and I love teaching people about how to use crystals and crystal healing to progress on their own personal and spiritual journey. To make this teaching as accessible as possible and to spread the positive benefits of crystals far and wide I specialise in teaching online through ‘How-To’ guides, blog posts, videos, podcasts and social media.

How did this become my life? 

In 2004 a friend sent me a Carnelian tumbled stone through the post. Not knowing what it was, but affectionately remembering the crystals I’d bought as a child, I went straight to my local bookstore and bought Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible. I devoured it and there was no turning back. That year I enrolled on a 2 year Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma course accredited by the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO). I became qualified at an advanced level in 2006 and since then I’ve offered treatments to adults and children, including babies in the womb.

What has really impressed me about crystals over the years is their ability to allow you to help yourself. When I first discovered crystals I was going through some pretty yucky emotional stuff and nothing I tried made me feel any better, including traditional talking therapies. That was until I started meditating with crystals. The results were amazing and for the first time in a long time I felt like an active player in my life rather than a passive bystander.

I have over the past 14 years used crystals for a number of personal emotional issues including a miscarriage, navigating life with a loved one suffering from depression and the fallout of a divorce. Sometimes life is not perfect but it always provides us with lessons to help us grow on our personal journey; and crystals help make these lessons easier to handle.

Maybe you are going  through some tough times and you’re just not able to find the solutions. My question to you would be, what have you got to lose by trying crystal healing? It’s an inexpensive therapy that you can try in the comfort of your own home, in your time and on your terms. This therapy is all about you. It’s always an amazing and relaxing experience to go and have a Crystal Healing session with a qualified therapist, but the greatest results are often seen from using crystals in the comfort of our own homes on a regular basis. And that is what I am most passionate about teaching you.

So, with all that in mind in December 2016 I left my Public Sector job and now dedicate my time to helping people reach their full potential and feel happy and content so that they can live the lives that they deserve.

Learn all about Crystal Healing Online and Go At Your Own Pace.

Are you interested in becoming a crystal expert!

If you want to learn all you need to know to become a knowledgeable and confident user of crystals why not take a look at my certified and IPHM accredited Crystal Healing Foundation Course.


Reviews of the Crystal Healing Foundation Course

"This is so much fun. The world of minerals is new to me, and your guidance is just what I needed. Great product. This course has all the information and depth I was looking for. It is saving me hours and hours of time spent on the internet sorting through websites to try and figure this all out on my own."

Brooke Diley

"If you want to learn all about crystals this is a great course that you can do in your own time….no deadlines. Sarah delivers the course content in a manner that is easy to understand. Even though the course is online & I live in Australia and Sarah is in the UK, she is always available to answer questions & give guidance. Thank you Sarah, I am loving this course"

Mary Hedditch

"I am so enjoying the course and learning from you, you have such a perfect teaching manner and explain things so well. 💕"

Nicola Woodham

"Wow this was fascinating. Great course. Just the right amount of info in each module for me and so glad I can take it at my own pace."

Luanne Carter

"Thank you Sarah. Brilliant clear informative start to the course"

Dee Ploszay

"I love your style of delivery, you are making it easy to understand and giving us information in small bite sized chunks."

Trish Flood

"I love the course it’s amazing and loving everything. Sarah is so lovely, calm and explains clearly and always helping. I am learning so much. Having fun while I learn. Thank you, love and gratitude"

Annmarie Brown

My Philosophy

  • Life isn’t a rehearsal. Our time to make is a difference is now.

  • Practice being the kind of person you want to attract.
  • Respect all living things…including yourself.
  • Everyone has the power to know that it is safe to change.
  • Care for our Crystal Community.
  • Be your authentic self at all times.
  • Show up 100% in everything that you do.
  • Maintain a positive frame of mind; if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
  • Challenge yourself to grow and learn.
  • Every thought we think is creating our future so choose them carefully.
  • Learn from the past and let it go. Live in today.
  • Miracles come in moments. Be ready and willing to accept them.